2. Portals and other general web sites on Judaism


About Judaisme (inside About.com). http://hebrew.about.com/..

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory (Stefan Rohrbacher). http://jewish-studies.virtualave.net/.

Aish HaTorah. http://www.aish.org/.

The AishDas Society. http://aishdas.org/.

Ariga (Robert Rosenberg). http://www.ariga.com/.

Association for Israel Studies. http://www.aisisraelstudies.org/ais.htm.

Centre for Jewish Studies (The Unviersity of Manchester, Great Britain). http://nonuniv.ox.ac.uk/~eajs/.

Communauté Online: la voix de la Communauté Juive de France. http://www.col.fr/.

eJewish.info (Jewish Agency, Israel). http://www.ejewish.info/.

European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS). http://nonuniv.ox.ac.uk/~eajs/.

Exploring Religions (Paul Flesher, University of Wyoming, Depart. of Religion). http://uwacadweb.uwyo.edu/Religionet/er/.— Choose the link to “Judaim” and click on “Go now!”. [Last visited 21.07.2005]

Fent Filologia Hebrea per Internet (Universitat de Barcelona). http://www.bib.ub.es/www8/0recheb.htm..

Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Medieval Jewish Life. http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/sbook1t.html.

Insitute for Israel & Jewish Studies (Columbia University, N. Y.). http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cijs. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Internet Resources for Jewish Studies (University of Delaware Library). http://www2.lib.udel.edu/subj/jew/internet.htm. [Last visited 04.10.2010]

Internet Resources for the Study of Judaisme and Christianity (Jay C. Treat, University of Pennsylvania). http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~jtreat/rs/resources.html. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Israel-sheli.info (Noemí París, Catalunya). http://www.israel-sheli.info/index.htm.— On the Israeli literature and music. Website in Catalan.

The Jewish Agency for Israel, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education. http://www.jajz-ed.org.il/.

The Jewish E-Mail Directory. http://www.jewsearch.com/.

The Jewish Mall - Judaica. http://ipol.com/jmall/judaica.htm.

Jewish Web Week (Jewish Family & Life). http://www.jww.org/.

Jewish Studies Internet Resources (Columbia University, N. Y.). http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/indiv/mideast/cuvlj/.

Jewish Studies Resources (Nancy Pressman Levy, Princeton University Library, N. J.). http://www.princeton.edu/~pressman/jewish.html.— One of the best sites on this subject. Updated very often. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Jewishnet. Global Jewish Information Network. http://www.jewishnet.net/.

JewishStreet. http://www.jewishstreet.com/main.cfm.—Jewish portal.

Jews for Jesus Websites. http://www.jewsforjesus.org/.

Judaica Site. Tradición Judía en Español. http://judaicasite.com/.— Portal in Spanish. [Last visited 27.03.2005]

Judaism and Jewish Resources (Andrew Tannenbaum). http://shamash.org/trb/judaism.html#hebdoc.— With a lot of links.

Kosherfinder. Your guide to everything kosher. http://www.kosherfinder.com/.

MavenSearch. Jewish Web Directory (private entity, Israel). http://www.maven.co.il/.— Directory and search engine for Jewish content related to websites. MavenSearch currently lists over 15,000 websites on Judaism. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Nana (Israel). http://www.nana.co.il/.— Portal in Hebrew.

Northwest Semitic Links (Reinhard G. Lehmann, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany). http://www.uni-mainz.de/~lehmann/link.html.— Selected links, with commentaries. Not very often updated: last updated 05.12.2007. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Orthodox Union Organization. http://www.ou.org/.

Reform Judaism (Union of American Hebrew Congregations ). http://rj.org/.

HaReshima: The Jewish Internet Portal. Your gateway to Jewish and Israel Internet sites from around the world. http://www.hareshima.com/.

Sefarad: Los judeo-españoles (Fernando Franco). http://sefarad.rediris.es/. [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Sephardic House. Institute for Researching and Promoting Sephardic History and Culture (New York). http://www.sephardichouse.org/index1.html.

Shalom Sefarad (Toledo). http://www.shalomsefarad.com/.

Shamash. The Jewish Network. http://shamash.org/.— “Shamash is the oldest and best known Jewishly oriented service accessible through the Internet. Shamash serves the full spectrum of Jewish religious, educational, cultural, communal, and social service organizations interested in utilizing new electronic technologies to share information and deliver services to the Jewish community worldwide.” [Last visited 05.10.2010]

Snunit. http://www.snunit.k12.il/.— A portal for the advance of web based learning in Israel. In Hebrew, and also French, Engish, Spanish. It was founded in 1994 at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1999 it became an independent non-profit organitzation. On-line support to teachers, on-line Judaic texts, on-line computing support, etc.

The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism (Netzari Yehudim). http://www.nazarene.net/.

Torah.org (Project Genesis). http://www.torah.org/.— Portal on Judaism.

Tapuz (Israel). http://www.tapuz.co.il/. —Portal in Hebrew.

Walla!. http://www.walla.co.il/.— Portal in Hebrew.

World ORT Union (Jewish education and vocational training non-governmental organization. Founded in 1880 in St. Petersburg). http://www.ort.org/asp/page.asp.

World Union of Jewish Students. http://www.wujs.org.il/.

World Union of Jewish Studies. http://www.jewish-studies.org/.

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