4. Catalan associations and institutions for the study of the Bible and Judaism

Abadia de Montserrat. http://www.abadiamontserrat.cat/.— Includes English version. On the library, see page 17. [Last visited 18.01.2012]

Associació Bíblica de Catalunya. http://www.abcat.org/. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Associació de Relacions Culturals Catalunya-Israel (ARCCI). http://arcci.cat/. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Centre Bonastruc ça Porta (Girona). See below: Patronat Municipal “Call de Girona”.

Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona. http://www.cibonline.org/. [Last visited 18.01.2012]

Comunitat Israelita de Mallorca. http://members.fortunecity.com/elcall/mallorca.html.— Includes English version. [Last visited 18.01.2012]

Comunitat Jueva Atid de Catalunya. http://www.atid.es/en/.— Reform Jewish community born in Barcelona in 1992, to promote Jewish life and its cultural, educational, social and religious values. Includes English version. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Comunidad Jueva Progressista Bet Shalom de Barcelona / Bet Shalom Progressive Jewish Community of Barceloa. http://www.betshalom.cat/.— Includes English version. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Corpus Biblicum Catalanicum (Associació Bíblica de Catalunya). http://cbcat.abcat.cat/.— Critical edition of all known Catalan translations of the Bible or texts directly related to it, published or unpublished, from the thirteenth century until the year 1900. Includes English version. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Departament de Filologia Semítica (Universitat de Barcelona). http://stel.ub.edu/hebreu/en. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Fundació Baruch Spinoza (Barcelona). Catalan version: https://sites.google.com/site/fundaciobaruchspinoza/. Spanish version: http://www.fundacionbaruchspinoza.org/. [Last visited12.05.2015]

Institució Bíblica Evangèlica de Catalunya (IBEC). http://www.ibec.cat/. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Institut d’Estudis Nahmànides / Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies (Girona). See below: Patronat Municipal “Call de Girona”.

Institut Privat d’Estudis Món Juïc (Barcelona). http://www.institutmonjuic.cat/. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Institut Superior de Ciències Religioses de Barcelona. http://www.iscreb.org/.— Online theology courses (with some subjects in Bible). [Last visited 12.05.2015]

MUHBA El Call (Museu d’Història de Barcelona). http://museuhistoria.bcn.cat/en/node/651.— “The Museum’s heritage space in the Jewish district, which opened in March 2015, is the best starting point to discover how Barcelona's Jewish community lived in medieval times.” Includes English version. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Patronat Municipal “Call de Girona”, Museu d'Història dels Jueus / The Museum of Jewish History, Institut d'Estudis Nahmànides / Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies. http://www.girona.cat/call/eng/index.php.— The Patronat, the Museum and the Institute have their headquarters in the Centre Bonastruc ça Porta. Includes English version. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

Societat Catalana d'Estudis Hebraics / Catalan Society for Hebraic Studies (Affiliated society of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans / Institute for Catalan Studies). http://scehb.iec.cat/. [Last visited 12.05.2015]

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