9. Phoenician

A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia = Un legado revelado, Fenicia (Salim George Khalaf, N. C.). http://phoenicia.org/.— ‘World’s largest web compilation of Phoenician resources & studies — 1,900 pages with more than one million visitors per year and referenced by 90,000 in-coming links.’ [Last visited 31.10.2011]

Centro de Estudios Fenicios y Púnicos (Complutense University of Madrid). http://www.cefyp.es/. [Last visited 31.10.2011]

«Bibliography» (Al Mashriq / The Levant, Børre Ludvigsen, Halden Norway). http://almashriq.hiof.no/general/000.generalities/010.bibliography/011.bibliographies/phoenicia_biblio.txt. [Last visited 31.10.2011]

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